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theGist Has Officially Launched!

At long last, after what feels like a few too many sleepless nights, we are thrilled to announce that theGist has officially launched! Now let’s get this party started, and simplify workplace communications with just one click!

The Origin Story

Okay okay, before we dive into that, let’s provide a little bit of background info.

Itzik Ben-Bassat, our CEO, is diagnosed with ADHD. He and Itay worked together for years, and in that time the number of SaaS tools in the company increased. Naturally, information overload became a big issue. For the sake of some order, Itay Dressler, our CTO, would summarize the most important events from multiple tools, and share them with Itzik in a consistent format they could both easily digest. Later, as generative AI crossed a significant milestone two years ago, they decided it was time to automate this, and share it with the world.

Less Is More

If anything, it goes without saying that information overload is very real issue in work environments that communicate across a whole slew of platforms. Discussions become fragmented, and difficult to keep track of. And let’s not forget that feeling of being completely lost when you have a few mountains of messages to catch up on after taking a couple of days off. It’s too much. It’s a hassle to comb through all that, and productivity goes downhill—especially when you don’t even know what you’re looking for amid all the noise.

At the same time though, you can’t really hate on your colleagues either. We are in the digital age, and a few harmless watercooler exchanges on team messaging services can be mildly amusing, and pretty refreshing time to time. It also strengthens camaraderie between team members, and hey, we’re all for that!

But at the end of the day, you are in charge of your own productivity. And when the lack of alignment in team communications across multiple channels gets in the way of efficiency, that’s a problem.

As such, our novel solution, theGist for Slack, is here to help create alignment by scanning through hundreds of posts to instantly provide personalized summaries of valuable insights and highlights, minus the noise. With just one click, you will get all the important information you need on a silver platter, without all the bombardment, in a manner that reads as though you wrote the summaries for yourself. All thanks to generative AI!

Once you’re equipped with the personalized summaries of the important details, you can go on and make informed timely decisions based on actual data, instead of opinions. Or you can go ahead and expand on important points in that report you’re working on with full confidence. Or you can walk into that meeting and talk like a total boss who is up-to-date on everything. The world is your oyster!

The Support Of Top VCs

It’s not only the launch we’re excited about. We are also proud to announce that we raised $7M in in pre-seed funding, co-led by StageOne Ventures and Aleph. It’s a true privilege to have the support of such industry greats!

Here’s what they had to say about theGist’s launch, taken straight from our press release:

“theGist’s debut tool is only the starting point, and there is so much more to come,” says Eden Shochat, Equal Partner at Aleph. “In a world where companies create excessive amounts of data, across multiple tools, employees only want to zero in on the insights that matter to them, at the point in time when they are relevant. theGist is on a mission to create magical tools that work for the user, rather than the other way around.”
“We have personally known the founders for over a decade, and believe the solution is going to solve one of the most critical challenges organizations face today when it comes to organizing company data,” said Tal Slobodkin, Managing Partner at StageOne. “Together with theGist, we aim to combat this pain point head-on. We are thrilled to co-lead theGist’s Seed Round.”

There Is So Much More To Come!

We’re only allowed to say so much (as in so little) at this point, but we can say that theGist has a lot more in store to simplify communications in the workplace. theGist is here to help team members become empowered as they use our tools to save time, focus on their work, and steer clear from the stress associated with information overload—and we are grateful to each of you for your support!


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