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Getting started

Everything you need to know

Hi there 👋

theGist is an app for Slack that can summarize channels and threads with a single click.

How to use install theGist app for Slack

Once you tap the 'Add to Slack' button, you will be prompted to connect your workspace with theGist. Make sure to choose the right workspace.

In some cases you will need an app manager's approval to install apps on your workspace.

Getting started with theGist

Once you connect your workspace, theGist will approach you with some basic instructions on how it can be used.

How to use theGist app for Slack

Add theGist to channels you're interested in summarizing. 
You can add theGist to channels using our onboarding message with theGist or simple just type /invite @theGist in any channel.



Summarize channels:

Use /gist from any channel to get a fresh summary of what happened in that channel.

Chnnel summary help.jpg


Summarize threads:

Use the message shortcut to summarize a message or a thread (see image below) img:


Daily Digest:

You can get a daily digest of your selected channels by typing `/gist settings`


Getting help:

Just type /gist help from anywhere

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