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Getting started

Everything you need to know

Hi there 👋

theGist lets you Cut through your work noise with personalized summaries for Gmail and Slack.

Summarize Slack channel and threads, on-demand or in a Daily Digest.


Clear your inbox in seconds with an actionable categorized summary of your Gmail, directly from Slack.

How to install theGist app for Slack

Once you tap the 'Add to Slack' button, you will be prompted to connect your workspace with theGist. Make sure to choose the right workspace.

In some cases, you will need an app manager's approval to install apps on your workspace.

Using theGist

Slack Daily Digest

1. In the App Home, tap ‘Choose channels’.


2. Follow the instructions in the modal to select the channels important to you and when you want the digest to arrive.

3. Once you're done, You will start receiving your Daily Digest well, every day :) 
4. Customize it by tapping the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the App Home and choosing ‘Slack Digest Configuration’


Gmail Digest

1. You first need to connect your Gmail account: Start by tapping the ‘connect Gmail’ button, and follow up in your browser by selecting the desired Gmail account and allowing permission (We’re only using the necessary permissions)


2. Once connected you will see your Gmail inbox in the App Home. 
It is grouped into categories that make sense and we summarize each for you.
The Priority category on top holds all the important emails.

3. You can reply directly from Slack, ‘archive’ a single or a group of emails, and Read the entire mail directly from Slack.

4. Customize it by tapping the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the App Home and choosing Gmail Configuration’.


theGist On Demand

1. Chat with theGist assistant:
Ask anything (just like ChatGPT) by chatting with theGist in the DM.
@theGist in any channel to chat with it collaboratively.

2. Summarize channels:
Use /gist from any channel to get a fresh summary of what happened in that channel.

3. Summarize threads:
Use the message shortcut to summarize a message or a thread



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