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Get theGist of Slack

Summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click

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Instantly catch up with your team's important discussions

No need to go through 100`s of posts. Cover channels you're active in, and those you're not.

How to get started?


Overcome your Slack and Gmail overload, directly in Slack

Stop wasting time with personalized, bite-sized summaries. 

How to get started?


Privacy and security are our top priority

Since day one, it's part of every decision we're making.
Learn more.

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  • Who can see my summaries
    All summaries are ephemeral, only you can see them. When you mention `@theGist` the mention itself is public (the summary will be private)
  • How do I install theGist for Slack
    Once you tap the 'Add to Slack' button, you will be prompted to connect your workspace with theGist. Make sure to choose the right workspace. ​ In some cases you will need an app manager's approval to install apps on your workspace.
  • How to use theGist for Slack
    ** All summaries are ephemeral, for your eyes only On-demand summaries: Summarize channels Use /gist from any channel to get a fresh summary of what happened in that channel in the last day. Summarize threads: Use the message shortcut to summarize a message or a thread. Daily Digest of selected channels: 1. Go to Home tab (on top) 2. Type choose channels 3. Set up channels and time for the Slack digest 4. You can customize it anytime by tapping the 'Settings' in home tab or typing '/gist settings' in messages tab. - See more in 'Getting started' page
  • How do I set up theGist for Gmail
    Once you install theGist, on the bots' App Home you will be able to connect your Gmail account. Tap the ‘Connect Gmail’ button On your browser, type Sign in with Google, connect your Gmail account, and approve permission. Once your account is connected you will see theGist for Gmail on your App Home.
  • How do I use theGist for Gmail
    Once you connect your Gmail, you will see theGist Inbox in your App Home. We don't change anything in your Gmail unless you actively do it yourself (i.e we don't move emails to folders or anything like that, if you 'archive' and email from theGist it will get archived in your Gmail) How it works: Our AI quickly goes over your unread emails and clusters them out according to some easy-to-understand categories such as Promotional, Apps, Newsletters, and more. The Priority category is where your important emails will be. Each one is summarized for you, allowing you to quickly reply, ‘archive’ and more actions on each. In the other categories, you will get a summary of the category or subcategory of emails (e.g under Social you will see all the emails you got from Twitter, Facebook, etc.. that are clustered together and summarized) with batch actions like ‘mark as read’ to help you clear out non-important emails fast.
  • What do I get when I become a Pro user
    Our Pro plan unleashes the full potential of theGist. 1. Unlimited amount of summaries each day, up to 16 channel Daily Digest. 2. Unlimited usage of theGist for Gmail 3. Endless question and answers of theGist assistant Visit our pricing page for more information
  • What's in theGist for Gmail free tier
    theGist for Gmail free tier allows you to get the summary of your inbox to Slack, just like the Pro tier, but without the actions you can take on your emails. Actions like Reply, mark as read, archive and more are saved for our Pro users
  • theGist for Gmail: What will happen once my free days run out?
    Once your free days will run out, you will continue to use theGist for Gmail in the free tier.
  • I'm in a workspace with 1000's people, can I just get a single Pro Plan?
    Yes! Everyone can use the Free version of theGist forever. If you want more daily summaries or a more robust daily digest, you can purchase a single pro plan for yourself. If your team requires more than 5 seats, just contact our sales and we'll be releasing team plans soon...
  • Where can I get more help with theGist
    You can visit our support page at or just visit the 'About' tab on top
  • What about privacy
    We always put privacy and security first. We never save any of your data! Learn more.
  • When I upgrade theGist do I get the Slack and the Gmail Pro Plan?
    Yes! We believe in simplicity, that's why we only have one Pro Plan. Once you subscribe, you will unleash the full potential of theGist for Slack and for Gmail.
  • Will my free plan remain free?
    We will always have a free plan. The free plan allows you to test theGist for yourself and experience focus and simplicity in your work communications.
  • Where can I see my account page as a Pro user
    Your account page can be found here

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